Mermaid Beach

  • Ms. Ayaka Ikeda

    This is the only beach that can be reached on foot from Obama Station, about a 15-minute walk, so many visitors from outside the prefecture come here to swim. We often see families playing in the water with their tents set up on the beach. The best time to visit is at sunset. The sunset is very beautiful. Especially in summer, the sunset occurs directly in front of the beach. The color of the sky changes every day, so you will never get tired of seeing it. Along the coastline, there is the Mermaid Terrace with a monument of a mermaid, inspired by an old Obama legend. This is a good spot to take pictures of the sunset.
  • Seasonal Events and a Glimpse into Local Life

    Near the Mermaid Beach is a small park called Obama Park. I used to live in this area and let my children play on the playground equipment. The park is actually famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot. There are also many seasonal events here, such as the Wakasa Marine Pier fireworks display held on this beach every year on August 1. Just directly in front of the hotel, more than 6,000 fireworks are shot off, so it is no exaggeration to say that your room has a special seat. The beach and hotel are especially crowded on this day every year.

Bathing Information


Mermaid Beach Beach


Koikawa, Obama City


15-minute walk from JR Obama Station / 10-minute drive from Obama IC on Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway


112 cars