Inukuma Beach

  • Mr. Seiichi Urada

    Inukuma Beach has long been famous for its fine sand, which attracts visitors every year from the Kansai region and other parts of Japan. It is also a popular fishing spot, and people enjoy fishing from the beach, or fishing along the docks at the fishing port. In April and May, you can see wakame seaweed drying in rows along the beach. In winter, you can enjoy fugu (blowfish) and crab at minshuku (guest houses), and the coast is beautiful when it is white with snow. For some reason, only Inukuma gets snow while neighboring Ano does not. The charm of Inukuma is that you can enjoy completely different scenery each season.
  • Life in the Village as Seen Through Traditional Events and Signboards

    Since Inukuma is a small village that has existed for a long time, all the names of the households are listed on the map signboard of Inukuma, and there is a traditional event on New Year's Day in which the whole village participates. The "B" ceremony is held after everyone gathers at a shrine near the seashore to pay their first visit to the shrine, and the "Boat Celebration" is held to pray for the health of the villagers and a good catch of fish in the coming year. In the past, a total of 13 households in the village ran guesthouses, but now there are only four. My parents also run a guest house, and when I was a child, I used to play with the children of the guests. I think this is an experience that only a traditional guest house can provide.

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Inukuma Beach


Inukuma, Obama City


15 minutes by car from JR Obama Station / 20 minutes by car from Obama IC on Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway

Parking lot

approx. 120 cars (fee required)