Fish Auction

  • 1.5hour 要予約
  • 3,300yen
  • Auction scene unique to Obama

    Obama is basically a "production area market. Ships leave early in the morning and return to port, which is quickly auctioned off. Many people may think of an intense exchange, but the auction in Obama is calmer than in other areas. As for brand-name products, the "Kiwami" standard for Wakasa Guji has been established after Echizen Gani (Echizen Crab), so we also handle such products. Especially in the port of Obama, what can be harvested changes from season to season, so be sure to enjoy the regional specialties.
  • Obama is one of the best in the worldin
    terms of abundant fish species
    and advanced processing techniques.

    I have been to several markets, and I feel that the fishmongers in Obama are incredibly particular. And the technology for processing fish is excellent. Fish that are caught are usually shipped as is, but Obama can process them locally by drying them or cooking them. Dried fish in soy sauce is a culture unique to Obama. Fixed nets, bottom trawling, fishing, and aquaculture are all available, so a tremendous number of fish species can be caught. There are also many companies that come from as far away as Hyogo Prefecture to purchase fish. This is probably because the technology has been perfected.

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3-16 Kawasaki, Obama City

Days of operation

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday


7:00-8:30 (depending on the season)
*Registration is required in advance to observe the auction.

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