• Ichiro Nishimoto, Store Manager

Hamanoshiki is a restaurant that serves food made with local products from Obama and other areas. In promoting Obama, we express the appeal of the region through its food. This is the policy of our restaurant. Since Obama is located on the "Saba Kaido" (mackerel road), we have incorporated mackerel and dried soy sauce, which we have eaten since we were children, into our menu. The restaurant has a tatami room, so even if you have small children, feel free to come inside.
  • White and Red Seafood Rice Bowl, “made in Obama!”

The recommendation is "white seafood bowl and red seafood bowl". "White" is a bowl of squid that is eaten by sprinkling squid caught in Obama with akamoku (seaweed) sauce. In Obama, many varieties of squid caught all year round, so you can enjoy squid in every season. Red" is a bowl of rice topped with soy sauce-marinated Fukui salmon and Koshi tomato sauce. The sweetness of the salmon and the acidic taste of the tomatoes give it a fresh taste. New menu items will be added in the near future, so be sure to bring your family.

Store Information

Store information

Restaurant Hamanoshiki


3-5 Kawasaki, Obama City, Fukui Prefecture

Phone number


Business hours

Weekdays, weekends and holidays 11: 00-14: 30 (Last order: 30 minutes before closing) 

Regular holiday

Every Wednesday (open if it is a national holiday) Year-end and New Year holidays (irregular holidays) 


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