• Yoshie Shigeta

I run this restaurant with my oldest son. My son is in charge of cooking, and I serve the customers. Breakfast time begins at 7am. People who come to buy fish or who are staying at the hotel come to eat. Some of the neighbors come here every day for breakfast. After that, when things are a little calmer, regular customers come here for coffee. People who work in and around the market mainly come for lunch. Some of the stores in the market ask for delivery. The last order for lunch is at 1:30 pm. Everyone stops by at some point during the day.
  • Lots of recommendations! Restaurants using ingredients from the market.

I recommend the spicy soba set with sauce katsudon. The main store makes the noodles, and we get our soba and udon noodles from there. The soup stock is prepared the same way as at the main restaurant, so when the main restaurant is closed, customers come here. The Kawasaki branch is the only one that has a set menu. Our breakfast set meal and heshiko udon are also original menu items. We use the best seasonal fish and vegetables available at the market at the time. We also sell reasonably priced canned goods, so tourists can purchase canned goods in the morning.

Store Information

Store Information

Yoneda Kawasaki Branch


2-5-3 Kawasaki, Obama City

Phone number


Business hours

7:00am – 2:00pm


Sunday and Monday every week


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