Sashimi Restaurant Goemon

  • A restaurant under the direct management of a fishmonger

Many customers come from the morning on Saturdays and Sundays. I wanted them to eat delicious fish on the spot, so I started this restaurant next to a fish market that I run with my father. The motto is to do what you can within your reach. Before I took over the fish market, I was an apprentice at a caterer for 5 or 6 years in Kyoto, so I learned to cook at that time.
  • We recommend the "Aara-ni," which you can eat bones and all!

We have a wide variety of popular menu items such as sashimi set menus and seafood rice bowls where you can enjoy the freshest seasonal fish. A recommendation on the menu is the Arani Set Meal. The ara, which is full of flavor, is slowly cooked for three days. The seasoning is simple, but it is delicious because it is cooked with care. The fish is cooked until it becomes soft, so you can even eat the bones.

Store Information

Store Information

Sashimi Restaurant Goemon


2-5-1 Kawasaki, Obama City

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6:00 – 14:00 / 17:00~




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