How to Enjoy Obama’s Bayside

  • Eat, Play, Shop!

  • In the seaport of Obama, there is an area called "Umi no Eki" (Sea Station) where you can find gourmet food, shopping, markets, and facilities where you can experience the culture of Wakasa. There are also many beaches and sightseeing spots. Come and enjoy the Obama seaside.

Fresh Fish!
Eat it here or take it home!

The freshest seasonal seafood is served in a variety of ways. Sashimi, Wakasa's famous yoparai mackerel, mackerel sushi, and freshly auctioned seafood are all available at the market. You will also find a wide range of products that are specially made for each store. One of the best ways to enjoy the market is to find the store who's products you like most.

The culture of Obama is
Collected here!

Traditional crafts such as Wakasa lacquerware, agate, and Wakasa Japanese paper remain in Wakasa, and you can experience the process of making them at the Gokushoku Kokushoku Bunkakan. In addition, there are various experiences that make use of the know-how of making itself, and there is also a "Sotomo Cruise" that goes around the sea by boat. Please feel the culture rooted in the life of Obama.
  • Experiences・Spot

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Enjoy summer to the fullest
at a wide variety of beaches!

Wakasa is home to beaches of various sizes. Over the years, they have been tended to by the local people, who have maintained the scenery and changed it to suit the times. The sea and regional characteristics of Wakasa, such as the fishing industry, areas that have prospered from overnight stays, and areas that support marine sports, cannot be described in a few words.
  • Swimming and Fishing

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