Wakasa Koigawa Seaside Park

  • Mr. Ryoji Inagawa

    I have always loved the sea and used to be a crew member of a tuna longline fishing boat (haenawa gyo-sen). It was the first vessel in Obama to sail the open seas. Later, I became the head of the community center and left the sea for a while, but I still wanted to be involved with the sea and nature, so I started managing this beach. It is a man-made beach that was built in 1983, with a coastline of 800 meters, so it is quite a challenge to manage. Even so, I still love the ocean. The accessibility of the beach, just a 2-minute drive from the Nishi-Ohama Interchange, is another attraction. I want to make the beach a place where the rules are respected so everyone can enjoy using it.
  • A sandy beach perfect for volleyball, where various tournaments are held.

    Volleyball courts are set up on the sandy beach here during the season. It's also used as a venue for the All Japan Tournament and the Fukui National Athletic Meet. Sometimes, nationally known athletes come to the beach. The other day, two local Olympic athletes came and held a class for local children. When I asked the athletes, they said, "The sandy beach here is very nice. The sand is brought from Sanrihama, also in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, and they say it is perfect for beach volleyball.

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Wakasa Koigawa Seaside Park


Obama City Koigawa


5 minutes drive from JR Kato Station / 5 minutes drive from Obama Nishi IC of Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway

Parking lot

Approximately 700 cars (fee required)