Enjoy Obama’s Seaside to the fullest!

How to Enjoy Obama’s Bayside

Wakasa Obama is the closest port town to Kyoto on the Sea of Japan. This town, which prospered as the starting point of the "Saba Kaido" (mackerel road), offers many ways to enjoy the sea. You can taste seafood which is so highly prized at Kyoto's restaurants, its known as "Wakasa Mono". There are a variety of activities such as sightseeing boats, swimming, fishing, and SUP. You can buy freshly caught fish and Wakasa's unique souvenirs. Discover How to Enjoy Obama's Bayside for yourself, at this scenic seaside where the mountains meet the tranquil waters of Wakasa Bay.
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  • Area Map
Gourmet, shopping, and facilities where you can experience the culture of Wakasa are gathered at "Umi-no-Eki" (Sea Station), the best sightseeing area in Obama. Fish auctioned at the market in the early morning can be purchased at the Wakasa Obama Fish Center. There are many restaurants offering a wide variety of local menus featuring fresh seafood from Wakasa Bay. Another option is to buy prepared foods and take-out sushi to eat while enjoying the view of the sea. For an even better vantage from which to view the Wakasa Bay, climb aboard the Sotomo Cruise. Wakasa Fisherman's Wharf also offers all kinds of local souvenirs. For cultural experiences in Obama, visit the Miketsukuni Wakasa Obama Food Culture Museum. Here you can make your own original souvenirs of your trip. If you want to fully enjoy Obama's seaside, visit the "Umi-no-Eki" first.
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