Tagarasu Beach

  • Mr. Naosumi Hamaya

    Although not visible from the beach, Tagarasu is home to the "Oki no Ishi," a stone that appears in the Hyakunin Isshu poem written by Princess Sanuki of Nijoin, and the only terraced rice paddies in Obama. It is hard to find a place where you can see both the terraced rice paddies and the sea together. The local organization "Tagarasu Gasode Club" has been enlivening these terraced rice paddies by holding candlelight events and such to maintain the interest of the next generation. This is one of the few places in Obama where you can see the setting sun on the horizon. Sunset photography near the coast, such as near the lighthouse or in caves, is also recommended.
  • Obama Yopparai Saba, a New Specialty that Brings the History of the Saba Kaido Road Back to Life in the Modern Age

    In the old days, people in Tagarasu used to catch mackerel in nets and transport them to Kyoto. The road on which the mackerel was carried is called "Saba Kaido" (mackerel road). Because of this history, mackerel is part of Obama's culture. Even after the fishing season has ended, there are still many dishes made with mackerel, such as dried mackerel in soy sauce, nare-zushi (fermented sushi), and heshiko (fermented mackerel). The "Obama Yopparai Saba" was created in an effort to revive Obama's mackerel. The mackerel is raised in Tagarasu, and fed with sake lees from a sake brewery just outside Demachi. Farmed mackerel is resistant to parasites, so it can be eaten as sashimi. Please be sure to try the fresh mackerel, which is unique to this area.

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Tagarasu Beach


Tagarasu, Obama City


25 minutes by car from JR Obama Station / 30 minutes by car from Obama IC on Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway

Parking lot

approx. 70 cars (fee required)