• 1hour
  • 620yen
  • Public Bath Overlooking Obama Bay.

    Located in the Goshoku Wakasa-Obama Food Culture Museum, Hama-no-Yu is a hot spring facility with a bath, restaurant, bodywork, and view lounge. There is a footbath at the outdoor entrance that can be entered free of charge. With the calm waters of Obama Bay stretching out before you, you can enjoy the ocean view and take a relaxing break in the footbath. Please relax and unwind from your trip at this secluded spot where the locals also stop by. The "Hamatei" restaurant on the third floor is also a dining spot that can be enjoyed even if you do not use the bath. We recommend the "Yopparai Saba-don" made with Obama Yopparai Saba (mackerel), which has grown up eating sakekasu (sake lees) in Tamarasu, Obama.
  • You can enjoy 4 kinds of hot water.

    The main bath offers four types of hot water with different efficacy. The "Amamo Bath," named after the mermaid legend of Happyaku Bikuni (a nearly immortal nun of Obama), is a bath with seaweed extract that is rich in minerals and skin-loving ingredients. The "Bijin-no-yu" overlooking Obama Bay contains alkaline simple hot spring ingredients that soften the skin. All other baths, including the "Chinese herb bath" and the "bamboo charcoal water bath," use the clear spring water of the area. Relax your body and mind in the baths using spring water from the same area as the famous "Unjosui" water.

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3-4 Kawasaki, Obama City, Fukui Prefecture


Adults (junior high school students and older): 620 yen
Child (3 years and older): 310 yen
Children under 3 years old: free
70 years old and over in the city: 520 yen
Disabled persons within the city: 520 yen
11 coupon tickets: 6,200 yen
11 coupon tickets for seniors: 5,200 yen

Business Hours

Last admission 22:30


Third Wednesday of every month
(If the day falls on a national holiday, it will be replaced by the following day.)

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