Shitsumi Beach

  • Mr. Toru Nishikawa

    Shitsumi is a small fishing village, but in the past, all the houses in the village had guest houses. Now the way of traveling has changed, and I am the only one left as a guest house. One day, I saw a guest from Europe, doing nothing in particular but relaxing over a delicious meal, and I realized the charm of Shitsumi. The serene scenery and the sound of the waves that lapped at the shoreline. The charm of this place is that you can relax and unwind in Shitsumi as it is. There is no need to decorate the place.
  • We hope our guests will want to come back again.

    Because Shitsumi is on the open sea, the waves bring a lot of flotsam and jetsam onto the beach. However, we are very concerned about the beach being polluted with debris because we want our guests to be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean. There is a large-scale cleanup activity before the opening of the beach, but even during other times of the year, I carry large pieces of trash by myself to clean up the beach, hoping to make it as clean as possible. The beach does not belong to anyone, but I consider it as if it were my own garden, so it is natural for me to clean it. If a visitor comes from far away,I don’t want him or her to be disappointed by a polluted beach.

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Shitsumi Beach


Shitsumi, Obama City


15 minutes by car from JR Obama Station / 25 minutes by car from Obama IC on Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway

Parking lot

about 100 cars (fee required)