Studio Kitchen

  • 3hour
  • 550yen
  • Wakasa Specialty Preparation Experience

    In the kitchen studio on the first floor, visitors can experience making their own Wakasa specialties to take home as souvenirs, as well as cooking seasonal dishes each month. Visitors can choose from a variety of Wakasa specialties, such as pressed mackerel sushi and kuzu manju, which are available throughout the year.
  • Seasonal cooking experience

    In addition, the Seasonal Cooking Experience offers a variety of themed experiences each month, such as dishes suited to the season and Obama's food culture. Experience Obama, a Miketsukuni, through the cooking experience.

Experiences Information


From 1,000 yen/person

Time required (approximate)

3 hours

10:00~13:00 / 14:00~17:00 / 18:00~21:00


The production time (including finishing) is a rough estimate for up to 10 people.
Please make a reservation for more than 10 people.
The contents of the experience menu are subject to change without notice

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