Nikuno Tsujihiko

  • Ritsuko Kimura

Nikuno Tsujihiko is a butcher shop with a history of nearly 50 years, and the main store is located near Obama City Hall. We are particular about the quality of the meat we serve, and we deal in Wakasa beef and domestic meat of the highest grade. This is the sixth year we have started this Kawasaki branch. We start work at six in the morning. The peddlers are waiting for me, so I open the store while preparing the food that is ordered. Our regular customers order in advance, even early in the morning, if they want to buy good meat. They pick it up when they come to buy fish.
  • You can order just one croquette! We send out information on Instagram.

Many tourists buy croquettes to eat while walking around. Just be careful of the hawks! They're always looking for you. There are two types of croquettes available: standard croquettes and crispy croquettes. We also take orders for Wakasa beef by phone and on Instagram, and we get a lot of local shipments. My daughter posts information about special offers on Instagram, and some customers come to our shop after seeing that. My two daughters, my son and his wife, and my wife and I all work together as a team.

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Meat Tsujihiko Kawasaki Branch


2-5-3 Kawasaki, Obama City

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Closed on Wednesdays and New Year’s Day