Akai Shoten

  • Mr. Takeyoshi Akai

It's been almost 30 years since I left my job and started a grocery store. I used to work in the produce department of a supermarket, but I started this business because I loved vegetables. At first, I started the grocery store in my home, but gradually it became busy and I was allowed to open the store here about 20 years ago. My father, who retired, helped me with deliveries, and then when the store started here, I hired employees, and three years ago, my son started working with me. Unlike supermarkets, I can stock what I want at my own discretion, which makes it more fun.
  • Everyone is welcome! Local vegetables are our main products!

We try to deal mainly in local vegetables because of the advantage of the land. You see, next to us is a fruit and vegetable market. We can handle local vegetables that cannot be found in supermarkets, and we can buy them in the morning and sell them right away because we are close to the market. We have many customers from outside the prefecture, such as Shiga and Kyoto. Some of them order their products by courier. There are also people who come here to buy fish and happen to see our products and become our customers. Anyone can buy a small amount of fish, so I would like more individual customers to know that we have a retail business. My son is in charge of social networking, including writing today's recommendations in the store. We are constantly updating our Instagram and Facebook pages with events and seasonal stocking information, so please follow us.

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Akai Shoten


2-5 Kawasaki, Obama City

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5:00 – 11:00 a.m.


every Sunday and Wednesday

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