Mame Hofu Kodo Shokuhin

  • Hisahisa Kodo

Founded in 1914, Kodou Shokuhin was originally located in the village of Nadasho, in the mountains. I believe that local products are the best, so I try to use ingredients from Fukui Prefecture. We purchase our soybeans from an agricultural corporation in Obama called Eiko Nosan, and use 100% local soybeans for our kumitama tofu. Recommended products are kumitama dofu and goma dofu. The water is also drawn from 100 meters below the seabed in Obama, from the same vein as "Unjyosui," which has been selected as one of the "100 Best Waters of Heisei" by the government.
  • Unique new products are born from chance

Fukui Prefecture is famous for being the largest consumer of deep-fried tofu in Japan, and our deep-fried tofu is a popular product that accounts for half of the company's sales. It is also the second biggest seller at the roadside station in Obama. It is characterized by its large size, but it is actually an accidental product. We made a mistake in cutting it in the process, but we didn't want to throw it away, so we fried it and got a surprisingly good response, so we sold it like that.

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Bean Abundance (Kodo Foods Co., Ltd.)


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