Agate Working

  • 40min
  • 900yen
  • Experience the technical skill of agate work

    Wakasa agate is said to have originated in the Edo period (1603-1867), when people began making agate balls based on the technique used to make the parts of eyeglasses. Agate was delivered by ship from Hokkaido, processed in Obama, and shipped to the capital.
  • Agate polishing, agate laminate patterning

    Visitors can choose their favorite agate and polish it by themselves. The process takes 20 minutes for the base and 20 minutes for the finish. Even children can do it, but patience is required. The key is to polish with patience.

Experiences Information


900 yen 

Time required

40 minutes 


・ The production time (including finishing) is a guide for up to 10 people.
・ For more than 10 people, please make a reservation.
・ For groups, the time required for the experience will be longer.
・ Please contact us by phone before making a reservation.
・ New Year, Golden Week, Obon, etc. Reservations will be accepted, but it will be in the order of visit. Please note that you may have to wait.
・ The contents of the experience menu are subject to change without notice. note that.

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