• Tomoko Shirasaki

A café that serves coffee and soft-serve ice cream to visitors who want to take a break while waiting to go on the Sotomo Cruise. It is a take-out type store where people of all ages, from the young to the elderly, can casually stop by. It is also familiar to the locals and people who work in the area. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy your coffee time on the bench outside while looking at the ocean.
  • Sweets made with local products and ingredients

We recommend our limited edition "Grape Sundae". This soft-serve ice cream is filled with grape-flavored vinegar from Toba Vinegar, a vinegar shop that has been in Obama City for 300 years. The harmony of the sour vinegar, sweet ice cream, and the crunchy texture of the cornflakes delights your tastebuds. The soft-serve ice cream with seasonal sauces made from seasonal fruits is also popular. We develop our menu every three months, focusing on local products from Obama and Wakasa, so we hope you will look forward to that as well.

Store Information

Store Information



1-3-2 Kawasaki, Obama City

Open hours

8:30-17:00 (*Open from 9:00 from December to March)


Wednesdays (open if a national holiday falls on a Wednesday)
Year-end and New Year holidays (not fixed)


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