• Mitsuhide Takatori

Even if it is the same fish, I carefully assess the condition of each fish before bringing it to the store. In particular, I am second to none when it comes to connoisseurship of high-end fish, such as the crab called "Akamon" and Wakasa horse mackerel. We often receive tourists and professional chefs from the Kansai region, and these people are very happy with our products. You can never go wrong. If you want to get delicious food, even if it costs a little more, I think you can rely on us.
  • Ask me anything you don't know about fish.

There are many kinds of fish in Obama, so it's fun to choose. For example, we sell Wakasa guji (tilefish) according to size, but we also ask, how many people will be eating it? How will you cook it? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you come to our store, you will become very familiar with fish (laughs).

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Store information

Mao Gen


2-5-1 Kawasaki, Obama City

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7:00 am to 13:00

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Irregular Wednesdays and New Year holidays


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