Masuya Shoten

  • Takashi Fujita

We try to have a large selection of fish in our store. From small to large, cheap to expensive, farmed to natural, we have a wide selection of good fish. We also have a wide range of customers, from the general public to chefs. This is the largest sales floor area of any fish center in Japan, so you can see many species of fish. The store is so big that we don't have enough staff, so we are very busy (laughs).
  • To be able to respond in detail to the needs of our customers

In the past, people used to buy fish in boxes, but now they buy them one by one. Nowadays, many customers prefer to have them cooked, so we try to meet their needs. However, sometimes people buy whole wild yellowtail, so I think we have a variety of customers. The price of fish is basically cheap, so if you come to Obama, I recommend that you buy a box of fish and share it with your friends.

Store Information

Store information

Masuya store


2-5-1 Kawasaki, Obama City

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7:00 am to 13:00

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Irregular Wednesdays and New Year holidays


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