Nomura sengyo-ten

  • Hiroshi Nomura

We are confident in our ability to find fresh fish with a good appearance. I only serve dried fish that I think will pare well with sake. If there is a fish that I can't find anywhere else, I will try to purchase it. I don't sell too many small fish. A lot of our regular customers are izakaya and restaurant chefs, so I look carefully at the ingredients that they are likely to use.
  • I’m particular about simplicity.

I sear bonito, boil crab, and do other processing based on the conditions of the day. I cook grilled mackerel with my son every day. We use as many seasonings as possible in our shoyuhoshi (fish marinated in soy sauce and dried), so it costs a lot of money (laughs). I try to keep it simple to bring out the original flavor of the fish.

Store Information

Store Information

Nomura Fresh Fish Store


2-5-1 Kawasaki, Obama City

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7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Wednesdays and New Year’s DayCy


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